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Neomouv e-bikes

Neomouv is a French company that has been designing and distributing a complete range of electrically-assisted bicycles since 2003. Each Neomouv model is made using the highest quality components from the industry leaders like Bosch, Tektro and Suntour, allowing for both exceptional comfort and high performance.

Neomouv e-bikes are designed to be lightweight and durable, making it a perfect versatile bike for both city commutes and country rides. Their aesthetically pleasing look combined with affordable price points will delight any type of rider.

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Neomouv e-bikes are very comfortable and easy to ride. I like its look and feel on the road.

- Gabrielle, USA

Neomouv in North America

Neomouv electric-assisted bikes stand out among their competitors due to their versatility, high-quality and power. They are designed for the day to day use, ensuring that its rider would feel comfortable in the upright position. The ergonomic design allows for long bike commutes.

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